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In order to ensure the correct representation and functionality of the Tommy Hilfiger Online Shop, you will need a version of the Internet Explorer browser (as of Version 6) or of Mozilla/Firefox (as of Version 3) or of Safari (as of Version 3).

Site Optimization

In order to ensure optimum page display, JavaScript should be enabled. The "Accept Cookies" function must be selected in order to be able to place products into the shopping basket.

Screen resolution
A screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels will give the optimum representation.

Cookie settings
The next section contains a number of tips regarding the settings for cookie use for the most commonly used browsers.
Additional information can be found in your software manual or on the website of the browser manufacturer.

Internet Explorer 7.0 for Windows:
  • • On the upper menu bar, click the "Tools" function
  • • Select "Internet options" from the sub-menu and then the "Data protection" item
  • • Set the Internet option to "Medium" and confirm using "OK"

If you only wish to permit cookies for a particular website, in this instance, for the Tommy Hilfiger Online Shop, do the following:

  • • On the upper menu bar, click the "Tools" function
  • • Select "Internet options" from the sub-menu and then the "Data protection" item
  • • Leave the Internet option in the Data protection menu as it is and click in the lower "Websites" section of the screen on the "Edit" button
  • Enter [country specific tommyURL] and select the "Permit" option. Use "OK" to confirm your settings


Cookies are small pieces of information stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive.
We use cookies to allow us to understand who has visited which page(s), to determine how frequently particular pages are visited, to determine the most popular areas of the site and general in order to monitor the usage of the website.
Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, though you do not have to.
We do not control the use of cookies by third parties other that the agents who provide the web analytics service for our own site.
If you wish to disable cookies then you can do so by re-adjusting your browser settings.
Please note that by disabling cookies you may not be able to register with or use all features of our website.
For more information on cookies and how to disable them please contact your helpdesk administrator.
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